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This is where Sonic comics live! Git'chu one!


I love all your talented works!

I appreciate all art, not just Sonic art.

Just so you guys know, I'm jealous of your talent and I use my entire favourites folder for references and inspiration. I also want to kill all of you.


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Aylin Ünsal
Artist | Professional | Other
I am an audio engineer and musician first, and an artist second. I'm a recent Bachelor of Science graduate from the New England Institute of Art in Massachusetts, and I currently work as a live sound engineer for the City of Boston. I am also the current producer and cajon percussionist for the alternative/acoustic musician Something Civil.

My biggest inspirations in the audio business are Jun Senoue and Richard Jacques.

My favorite genres of music come down to Progressive, Classic Rock, Reggae, and Alternative. I play the guitar (both acoustic and electric) and I sing on acoustic tracks. I have done live sound for the band Cash Cash, who has later provided their music to the 2010 game, Sonic Colors. I've also had my own radio show for All Independent Radio, where I ran the mixing board and co-hosted the show.

My favorite songwriters are Maynard James Keenan, Claudio Sanchez, and James Barrett.

My favorite style of art are classic and Western cartoon styles, and I try to incorporate a lot of inspiration I get from reading Western comic books. My favorite cartoon characters are Sonic the Hedgehog and co., but if I had to choose, I would go with Vector the Crocodile. I also have my own character, Reia Raccoon. Although she is an independent character free of associable obsessions, I tend to make her more of a Sonic-universe-inspired character from time to time.

I get my art style from observing the styles of my two favorite cartoonists, Jonathan Gray and Tracy Yardley.

:: Actually, this is an intervention. ::

Oh. Hello there. Did I catch your attention with the title of this journal?


Listen, we're all Sonic fans here. Some, like me, have been fans since the SEGA Genesis made our diapers-- well, nevermind. Anyhow, I've been in this fandom for nearly 20 years, and how SEGA still manages to cling onto my leg I have no idea. But this... This is quite possible the one disappointment that puts me in a position where I must urge myself to give them just one more chance.

So let's start with November 8th. All the kids are sitting in front of their tube TV cross-legged on the floor on a Saturday morning-- Wait. Kids have LCDs and big fancy couches now? Well, damn.

Sonic Boom, the television series, had a poor choice of pilot episode. Maybe it was because we had all seen 1/2 of the episode already. Or maybe it was the lack of character introduction/development because of the assumption that we are already all familiar with the cast. But that's just the thing; we don't know much about these characters anymore because they are re-designed. That means that, yes, everyone has a new personality and role in the series as of this trio of game/show releases. And in case you disagree with me, let's run through the contrast in characters from then and now:

Sonic: Everyone's favorite asshole. Sonic used to be a laid-back, mostly lazy hero with a big attitude that came with rudeness. Sonic has since been more helpful and kind, and less of a brat (looking at you, Sonic 3. Does anyone still remember Sonic 3?). I'm sure many of us wear our battle scars well from the Sonic we knew in Sonic Colors. Yeah, the one who just couldn't keep his mouth shut and let the pun-vomit spew in every which direction right down to the core of Sonic: Lost World. That's kinda the weird limbo of Sonic's personality we're at right now. Oh yeah, he also used to be fast.

Tails: Tails, I love you, you prodigy. Tails has always been the intelligent little inventor with big, glistening eyes for Sonic's accomplishments, in dream that one day he could also be like Sonic ("I wanna be cool - I also wanna be like him~"). Tails has grown more mature after his absolute downfall in Sonic Heroes, where he played the role of a newborn baby. Tails is now more independent, and can make decisions for himself. Which isn't a bad thing. Way to go, buddy!

Knuckles: Do I dare mention the muscles? What about the fingers? Knuckles used to be a very gullible yet level-headed monster who was married to the Master Emerald. After their divorce, Knuckles pursued more important matters such as going missing for several years between Sonic Colors and Sonic Boom. It's nice to play as you again, knucklehead. Though I wish the whole braun-over-brains concept didn't infect you so much. And this isn't exactly personality, but the fingers are just weird.

Amy: Amy's a tough one. Back in the day, when Amy's only one true goal in life was to be Sonic's girl, Amy was a weak damsel in distress and came fully equipped with a personality that was equivalent to that of a yelping chihuahua. Amy currently has forgotten her dreams and ambitions of making the hero fall in love with her, and instead has decided that she don't need no man to make her look good. I will say this, though: Amy has a perfect personality in the television series that really brings it home to the old fans, and she is still a yelping chihuahua in Rise of Lyric.

I won't get into Shadow if you promise to keep those opinions to yourself as well.

That said, the second episode to air was much more entertaining, and has actually made me a fan of the show! Me, a hypercritical hipster of a Sonic fan, a fan of the show. Wow. Seriously though, the show is actually pretty great and reminds me so much of the Looney Tunes Show. I hope the flow that it has going right now sticks throughout the 52 episodes we're promised (fingers crossed for 52 episodes!).

So now we're at November 11th. I don't know what you guys did on that fine morning, but I went in to my local GameStop right before heading into work and waited a good 40 minutes on line to pick up my copies of Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal while all the Master Chief Collection nerds breathed all over my back. Girls don't come to these kinds of events much, do they?

After a long day at work, I finally got home and inserted Lyric Boom: Fall of Sonic into the unfortunate Wii U. Let the shenanigans begin.

Did anyone else feel lied and cheated to? I was promised a Sonic game, and what I got was some weird crossover between Ratchet and Clank and Prince of Persia. I was so confused. I didn't know who to look to for help. I think I went blind for a minute and later found myself dizzy in the fourth dimension. I'm not exactly sure what happened.

Sonic Boom isn't what I wanted. It isn't what anyone wanted. I'm sure SEGA didn't ask for this either. What a wonderful IP to just flush down the toilet. I would go on, but I think it's important that I hand this one over to the Game Grumps.

I literally just tried out Shattered Crystal this morning, having waited a few days out of pure fear of what I might get myself into. I actually like it. It feels much more like a Sonic game, and less like a bunch of different games slapped together and skinned with Sonic characters and items. I haven't gotten too far, so I can't speak on this game too much - other than the unsettling jump into the story, which has barely any connection to either the show or Rise of Lyric. But there's a spiffy little Archie comic hidden away in the menus of the game, which gives you a detailed backstory of what the fuck just happened in the intro sequence. I guess that helps.

Sorry for such a rant, but please do give me your opinions as well. But please don't fight with me about my opinions. I have a headache right now and can't bare it.


Comic Page
Scourge-Dirge-Purge by RiotaiPrower
Sonic Fail: 21 - Power Trip [2/3] by RiotaiPrower
Sonic Fail : 23 - That Looks Useful by RiotaiPrower
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You can either write the script or the outline for me to work off of. I have the right to reject anything I don't agree with or anything that is far beyond my capability.

You may not commission a Sonic Fail comic, but you can make Sonic Fail suggestions for free if you would like!
Full Digital Image [3 Characters MAX]
Sonic Fail: 19 - Rated ''E'' For Everyone by RiotaiPrower
Man Of An Iconic Voice :: Gift by RiotaiPrower
Sonic Fail: 22 - Power Trip [3/3] by RiotaiPrower
One digital art with up to 3 characters, done in my usual style of lined characters and foreground objects with a painted background.

Commissions are final, no refunds. May take up to 3 weeks to complete. Please feel free to send a note if you're concerned about the progress of your commission.

Thank you for buying!

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